Friday, November 30, 2007

Take me home, country road to a place I belong...

Mmmmm, this is one of my favorites. This is a new find, thanks to my Stumptown buddy Stephen. And yes of course they serve Stumptown (so does that little coffee shop down the street).
Screen Door prides themselves on their country home cooking. Normally when breakfast places claim they have home cookin, it's a whole lot of butter and grease, not so here. They use fresh and I think a lot of local ingredients (I could be getting my restaurants mixed up sorry) but it's good and fresh and that's what really matters. A lot of the locals in the neighborhood come here so remember the rule "before 9 no line, after 9 takes time." They open at 9AM so don't get there too early.
They have a great "specials" menu with food combinations you wouldn't normally think of but everything I have had here is excellent. I especially like the mushroom scramble and the biscuits and gravy look scrumptious! This is a great place to bring groups as the space allows for larger parties than most breakfast places. Mother's on 2nd and Stark is also a good place for groups.

2337 E Burnside Portland OR 97214
Screen Door is at
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JPH said...

Maybe my favorite breakfast place in PDX. Chicken fried steak (good and must be hungry) and Eggs Benedict (GREAT!!!). You will go back again and again. Always a line in the morning hours on Saturday. 10:45 am seems to be about the best time to show up. You will still wait to get in, but it totally worth it.

Paul said...

Hands down, my favorite breakfast spot in PDX! Enjoyed the post, the banana French toast is amazing!