Friday, November 30, 2007

Missing a hub cap, want to donate one...

Beaterville Cafe is very eclectic. It's like walking back into the 50's. If you enjoy vintage cars you'll feel at home here. Beaterville serves Portland Roasters coffee, if you have to wait grab a mug of your choice and serve yourself then go next door and check out the glorified garage sale.
Food here is good. Very reasonably priced. They aren't overly nice here, it's more of a "you eat here because we let you" type place, but I've had mostly pleasant service.

2201 N Killingsworth St Portland OR 97217
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Longest bar

136 NW Ninth Ave Portland OR 97209
Fullers is like one long bar. The only seating is pretty much at the bar. It's a welcomed difference to the usual cafe feel. This gives you the small town, read your paper and talk to the bartender/waitress experience. The food here is not my normal desire (local, fresh, organic). It's your regular breakfast food; better than Denny's though. Prices are low. I don't remember the coffee being note worthy, but not bad either. It's a great place to take your dad who doesn't like all that fufy stuff and just wants to read the paper with his eggs, bacon and coffee. Does that explain it...
Fuller's is at
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Homemade ketchup...

Ever had homemade ketchup? It's interesting, you should try it. If you eat ketchup with your breakfast you'll have to try it because they aren't giving the Heinz's a penny here. Bread & Ink has their own ketchup, how's that for "from scratch."
I have no idea where B&I get's their coffee, funny that I've never asked as I've eaten here several times. I don't know how that has escaped me. It must be ok though, since I've gone back more than once.
This is a very classy cafe. It's a great place for a special breakfast date. The prices are on the high side but not unreasonable (i.e. Cadillac Cafe). The food is good from what I can remember (it's been a while). I do remember they have great omeletts.

3610 SE Hawthorne Blvd. Portland OR 97214
Bread & Ink is at
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Like an English Pub

1538 NE Alberta Portland OR 97211

Helser's is another one of my favorites. They serve Kobo's coffee (I know), it's very good though. They also offer the option of having your coffee with a French press, which you should try if you never have, mmmmm.
The food is excellent. I normally get my usual, eggs, chicken apple sausage and potatoes (now you know my staple). I have tried their french toast, it's wonderful as well as their potato pancakes and eggs benedict, yum!
This is a great little place to meet your friends or bring your kids, they have cute little cups for the munchkins. You will be waiting outside if you come after 9, so come prepared, but generally there isn't that long of a wait even if you sleep in a little. Prices are average to high. It's not a great place for big groups as there is limited seating. Helsers is at

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Coffeegirl's layered latte

This is my specialty layered latte. Mmmm.
You can only get this at my home breakfast cafe. Come on over and I'll fix you one.

???? Washington
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Take me home, country road to a place I belong...

Mmmmm, this is one of my favorites. This is a new find, thanks to my Stumptown buddy Stephen. And yes of course they serve Stumptown (so does that little coffee shop down the street).
Screen Door prides themselves on their country home cooking. Normally when breakfast places claim they have home cookin, it's a whole lot of butter and grease, not so here. They use fresh and I think a lot of local ingredients (I could be getting my restaurants mixed up sorry) but it's good and fresh and that's what really matters. A lot of the locals in the neighborhood come here so remember the rule "before 9 no line, after 9 takes time." They open at 9AM so don't get there too early.
They have a great "specials" menu with food combinations you wouldn't normally think of but everything I have had here is excellent. I especially like the mushroom scramble and the biscuits and gravy look scrumptious! This is a great place to bring groups as the space allows for larger parties than most breakfast places. Mother's on 2nd and Stark is also a good place for groups.

2337 E Burnside Portland OR 97214
Screen Door is at
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One cook wonder!

I believe Muddy's serves Portland Roasters coffee. Yumm. Though I am partial to Stumptown if you havn't figured that out. I have never had to wait for a seat here, though I came when it was still quite new.
Muddy's feels like you're going over to a friends house and eating at their kitchen table, it's small but homey. If you want to just come and sip on some jo' I believe they have free WIFI (don't hold me to that...)
The food here is good, regular fare with a few twists (green eggs and ham). There is a little bit of a wait on the food as they only have one cook, but hey you don't have to wait for your seat, take your pick. The prices are low to average.
They do have a community table so if you're lonely and want to make a breakfast buddy, sit at the big table in the middle.

3560 N Mississippi Ave. Portland OR. 97227
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Live Accordion Entertainment

3957 N Mississippi Ave. Portland OR. 97227
Stumptown... on to other things.
Gravy is very quaint and lively. We came here on a rainy day and luckily were able to fit inside to wait for a seat; but plan on waiting outside if you come after 9AM. They don't make you wait for your coffee though, so go on inside and fill up if you can get past the people to the coffee. We had a live accordionist to add to our eating enjoyment. I don't know if the live music is a regular part of the service here as I've only been once. The food is very good, just your regular breakfast nook menu. Prices are average to high. They seem to squish everyone in so if you like your space you might want to go down the street to The Mississippi Station (Blue Garndenia coffee), they have great pancakes or across the way to Equinox (Stumptown coffee). Gravy is at
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Fancy Breakfast

830 N Shaver St. Portland OR. 97227
Once again Stumptown Coffee is what brought me to Equinox, so I needn't comment any more on the coffee. I do love the tall white mugs with the black straw; very classy...
The food here is very good, and very nicely presented, if you don't mind your food all touching. The prices are on the medium to high side but the ambiance makes it worth it. Unless you're sitting by someone with a particularly loud voice and less than desireable vocabulary which happened to be the case for me, but my second visit was much more enjoyable. Equinox also serves lunch and dinner with outside seating as well. Equinox is right off Mississippi Ave. in NE Portland which is a great area to walk around and visit the very diverse shops. Have fun!
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