Friday, November 30, 2007

One cook wonder!

I believe Muddy's serves Portland Roasters coffee. Yumm. Though I am partial to Stumptown if you havn't figured that out. I have never had to wait for a seat here, though I came when it was still quite new.
Muddy's feels like you're going over to a friends house and eating at their kitchen table, it's small but homey. If you want to just come and sip on some jo' I believe they have free WIFI (don't hold me to that...)
The food here is good, regular fare with a few twists (green eggs and ham). There is a little bit of a wait on the food as they only have one cook, but hey you don't have to wait for your seat, take your pick. The prices are low to average.
They do have a community table so if you're lonely and want to make a breakfast buddy, sit at the big table in the middle.

3560 N Mississippi Ave. Portland OR. 97227
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