Monday, March 01, 2010

Sub Rosa (A Friendly Neighborhood Joint)

This was another birthday breakfast find. My husband was actually going to take me to Broder Cafe, which used to be Henry's Cafe. Broder's didn't open until 9am and we were there at 8:30am so we just walked around and found this little cafe, kitty corner to Broder. We actually came here once a few years ago when it was a little italian restaurant. I thought it was so sweet. I loved the little old town feel to the neighborhood. I'm so glad that it is a breakfast place now. They are typically a lunch/dinner restaurant serving salads, pizza and pasta and just recently started serving brunch, Sat-Sun from 8:30am-1pm. Their name says it well, it is definitely a friendly neighborhood joint. As we were sitting enjoying our lovely brunch, we watched a hip young couple getting ready to go for a run with their dog. A few ladies walked by the window at different times with their yoga mats, ready for their weekend workout. An older man had his dog tied up outside enjoying the glimpse of sunshine while he read his paper and drank his coffee at a table behind us and a lovely women walked by with her fluffy white dog all decked out in (I'm assuming) her little pink sweater.

I loved that their menus were lovingly used and
had coffee stains all over them. Perfect! I also loved that they listed the sources of their food and founders. How great is that. Shouldn't we all want to know where the food we are about to put in our bodies, is from and who is preparing it. Brilliant. It gave me an idea, along with watching Food Inc. (which every American should watch) to start asking where each restaurant gets their food and let them know that I will be posting their sources or that they would not reveal their sources. Would that interest any of you breakfast lovers out there?

I actually ordered the veggie sausage eggs benedict. I splurged, and I'm so glad I did. I would have never guessed the sausage was vegetarian, it had great flavor. Everything was so delish. My husband had the breakfast burrito which was also full of flavor and filling. The prices start around $9+ for most items, though you can get the basic eggs, potatoes and toast for $7. The coffee is Nossa Familia, which Petite Provence also serves. I'm pretty sure they are a Fair trade, local company. They were not busy at all, probably due to the fact that they just recently started serving brunch. It is a pretty small space, but they might be able to accommodate a somewhat larger group by moving tables together. Charming!

  • 2601 SE Clinton St
    Portland, OR 97202
  • 503-233-1955
  • Hours