Thursday, September 14, 2006

Feta, spinach and tomato scramble...

Milo's is one of my favorites! Obviously my fave is the feta, spinach and tomato scramble, but the salmon scramble is just as awesome!
As with most small breakfast places, you better get here before 9am or you'll be sittin' at the bench reading your paper for a bit. But they don't make you wait for your coffee, go ahead and grab a mug and fill er' up then head back outside and enjoy your joe till they call you.
Milo's has fresh food, an exceptional selection, and the prices beat most of the places I've been to. And they have great coffee! Fresh homemade jam at the table too.
1325 NW Broadway St. Portland
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Small town breakfast nook...

UPDATE Feb. 20, 2010: Henry's is now closed and has been reopened as Broder, a Swedish restaurant. They have great breakfast I'll try to do a post soon.

Thanks to the recomendation of a fellow blogger and I'm assuming, breakfast lover, I found Henry's Cafe.
It felt a little like we were seated in a glorified hallway, but all in all the atmosphere was welcoming. The staff here are friendly and helpful.
I have to say I wasn't too impressed with the food, but I did only try one item, an omelet. It was a little too buttery, is that a word, buttery? They did have a great selection though, made with organic, locally grown produce, that is a plus for me. I will have to try something else next time.
I would definitely go back just because of the area it is located. It makes you long to go back to that small town you never knew.

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You eat here because we let you...

Stepping Stone prides itself on their rude service. I havn't experienced them being exceptionally rude but they are particularly proud of a letter complaining about their service. It is framed on the wall.
The food here is pretty good. Nothing really to rave about, but it's certainly not trucker food.
If you like quaint little neighborhood hangouts, where everyone is sitting at the bar, and the waiters know the locals, this is the place to go. It's been a while since I've been here, I can't remember the coffee. I'm sure it's good though, it's Portland!
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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Really good coffee!

I can't say they're the best coffee in Seattle because I havn't tried all the coffee, but I bet they're close. So it's not a breakfast place, unless you're content with a scone, but I had to post them because one of the basics to a good breakfast is good coffee and they've got that down!
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Doggies Welcome

If you don't mind sitting outside that is. They built a massive patio cover recently and there is a nice big fireplace to keep you warm. Though I can't say I've seen a fire in it...? I love this place. I always order the "Fetch" which is scrambled eggs over potato cakes with tomatoes, green onions, smoked apple bacon and cheddar cheese mmm mmm!! Their coffee is organic from the Portland Roasters, it's good. There's usually a wait, but walk inside, grab the mug of your choice, and fill er' up baby! Other menu options: good dog, bad dog, roll over... seriously Posted by Picasa

1438 NE Alberta St. Portland OR

Seattle Time

Back to Seattle again. I can't resist. Ok, I admit I was drawn to this place because of the neon sign. It wasn't too bad. The food was good, they just didn't really have much of a selection. I'm kind of picky though. The prices were a wee bit on the high side, but it is Queen Anne's Hill after all. The music is loud, which is fun, if you're a morning person. The coffee was good and locally roasted, a definite plus!!
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Update 7/09: I have been informed that Violet's is no longer open.
The corner cafe. This quaint little find is right on the corner of a little neighborhood. Good food, I like the creative selection. The coffee was good, I can't remember who the roaster was... very important! Fun atmosphere and very "decorated" staff. Seems to be a favorite, as there were plenty waiting. Bring your dog and sit outside!
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Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Montage Madness

Update 7/09: I noticed that Montage is now serving breakfast. I will try to get there soon to try it out and post it here for you. Has anyone gone for breakfast yet?
Ok, so it's not breakfast but you need to check this place out. I went here for my birthday and it was such a blast. Let me just say, they're known for their macaroni, and they have great macaroni
. I had the pesto and chicken, which was excellent but I tried their smoked cheddar and ham macaroni, yum "o" I'll be getting that next time. Their food is very reasonably priced. The fun part is they have really long tables and they just seat everyone together. So you may end up sitting with people you don't know. It's a great place to go with a group!
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