Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Doggies Welcome

If you don't mind sitting outside that is. They built a massive patio cover recently and there is a nice big fireplace to keep you warm. Though I can't say I've seen a fire in it...? I love this place. I always order the "Fetch" which is scrambled eggs over potato cakes with tomatoes, green onions, smoked apple bacon and cheddar cheese mmm mmm!! Their coffee is organic from the Portland Roasters, it's good. There's usually a wait, but walk inside, grab the mug of your choice, and fill er' up baby! Other menu options: good dog, bad dog, roll over... seriously Posted by Picasa

1438 NE Alberta St. Portland OR


Anonymous said...

They have the best chocolate ganache cake I've ever had. I have loved all the food every time. They do have fires in the fireplace sometimes and movies, but I don't know what nights.

coffeeGirl said...

Good to know, I'm always looking for a place that serves good chocolate cake. I used to go to Billy Bangs for their triple decker chocolate cake, but the owner moved on and the cake apparently went to. I'll have to go check out the "Sheds" version. Maybe I'll hit a night with a fire in the fireplace.