Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sip & Kranz (Now Cloud Seven Cafe)

I just found this great little, well not so little, coffee shop in the Pearl district. If you have kids this is the place for you. If you don't have kids, like me, this is a great place to meet your friends that do. I have the hardest time figuring out where to get together with my friends who have small children so that we can catch up and the kids have something to do; problem solved. Sip & Kranz not only has a separate play area for the kids inside, but there is also a fountain (chlorinated) just outside their doors if you want to enjoy the sunshine while sipping your coffee, or your beer or wine in the evenings, while the kiddos play in the water.
They also offer a limited menu of breakfast items. One of which was recommended to me, their famous oatmeal made with steamed milk.
They actually made me some for free, just so
I could take a picture of it and I was full. I
was so bummed that
I didn't come with an appetite. The gal who made it was more than happy to be "forced" to eat it herself. I'll definitely be going back to try it. I'll have to pay this time but hey I don't mind
supporting a great business.
And how can I forget, they serve Stumptown. Need I say anything else...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bridges Cafe and Catering

I don't know why but "and catering" has actually kept me away from trying this place. It's like putting "and tavern" on the end of a dinner restaurant. Not that it's a similar meaning it just gives me the same reaction and I couldn't explain to you why that is...

I loved this little cafe! It is very quaint. I went here on a weekday and there was plenty of room but I can't tell you what it's like on the weekends. Their french toast is scrumptious. They had my favorite combination that I rarely find on the menu: french toast, sausage and eggs for $8.95. Now is that so hard, really now? But you tell me if you ever see that combo on any menu. They make their own sausage, pork or veggie. I had the pork, mmm, mmm! Sorry veg heads, I'm sure the veggie is tasty. Veggie and sausage just never sounded right together to me. My friend had the eggs benedict that was recommended by our server Lee (I think that is his bike out front). It looks unbelievably good. I can never afford the eggs benedict. When I am old, I will wear purple and eat eggs benedict!

They serve K&F coffee here. It is a local roaster. I had about 4 cups, whooa that seems like so much when you actually write it down. Needless to say it was good coffee. I don't hear much about K&F Roasters? The prices were actually pretty reasonable they have something for everyone. 2716 NE MLK Blvd. Portland OR. 97212 503.288.4169

Cricket Cafe

I have to admit, I waited too long to post this and I can't even remember what I ordered or what kind of coffee they serve.  I know I'm becoming known as the sleeping blogger.  I'll work on it!

I can remember that I wasn't incredibly impressed with this place.  The breakfastguy I think really likes this place, he'll have to post his reasons for you...hint, hint.

The prices here are on the average to high side.  The seating is somewhat scrunched and it's a bit noisy, whine, whine.  Maybe I was in a bad mood this day.  Our server was nice, so nice that she served us before the people sitting next to us who had been there long before we arrived, oops.  The food is homemade, they have yummy pastries and interesting varieties of breakfast choices.  It is definitely a fun little eclectic cafe, so go try it out and give the breakfastguy a high five!

Cricket cafe
3159 SE Belmont St
PortlandOR 97214
(503) 235-9348