Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cricket Cafe

I have to admit, I waited too long to post this and I can't even remember what I ordered or what kind of coffee they serve.  I know I'm becoming known as the sleeping blogger.  I'll work on it!

I can remember that I wasn't incredibly impressed with this place.  The breakfastguy I think really likes this place, he'll have to post his reasons for you...hint, hint.

The prices here are on the average to high side.  The seating is somewhat scrunched and it's a bit noisy, whine, whine.  Maybe I was in a bad mood this day.  Our server was nice, so nice that she served us before the people sitting next to us who had been there long before we arrived, oops.  The food is homemade, they have yummy pastries and interesting varieties of breakfast choices.  It is definitely a fun little eclectic cafe, so go try it out and give the breakfastguy a high five!

Cricket cafe
3159 SE Belmont St
PortlandOR 97214
(503) 235-9348


Anonymous said...

Okay, I've been called out!

I don't "really" like the Cricket, I just think it's a classic Southeast place, with a little grunge here and there and occasionally stoned-out service.

The food is alright, although I know people who think it isn't. But mainly what they have going for them is ridiculous portions and huge variety. The menu is like four big pages long, and you can build your own omelet.

They roast their own coffee, by the way.

Glad to see you posting again!

Anonymous said...

Mmm. I love to go here with my boyfriend and then take a big lazy nap. It's greasy comfort food-delicious! He says the apple french toast is the best he's ever had (but it doesn't fill you up). Had a hot drink here once and it was so overpowered with rum I could barely stand it. We like the cute waitress with cowboy boots.

coffeeGirl said...

Okay, so greasy and delicious don't necessarily make a debut together on my palate, but to each his own right?! I'm glad you like it. That's what I love about Portland, there's something for everyone!

Anonymous said...

The Cricket is damn delicious and everyone I know says the same.. its a wait, sure, crowded, crampt, a bit southeast dreg and kinda cutesy too, big portions, great specials, excellent bakery goods, coffee is wonderful and not too strong-made just right.. the place is jumping and IS the place to be seen.. lots of bands, acts, and wanna be hipsters, but family types go here too.. something for absolutely every walk.. and don't forget, (at least I didnt) they got rated very, very high on all these review sites across the board.. so as we all know, it does not matter if you are going to Spago, Four Seasons, or the dump in the back alley.. EVERYONE gives bad reviews.. probably because they have a dirty tampon or a crusted over eye, or thier hampster just died or something..

Anonymous said...

The Cricket? hahaha we go here in droves with our biker friends and they think it is the cats meow.. the south end palace for eggs, flaps, and such.. get wobbly on their iced spanish joe's.. so frakkin grand you cant believe it.. drank 3 one day.. and me bleedin eyes were bigger than the belly but the potato crispy thing was amazin to say the least.. I think they gots our vote for life.. we will be there this Friday with our bobbers n such so look out portland loggers n bloggers we come with a vengance to eat the best brekke in town!!

Anonymous said...

Yum, yum, yum, could I get another goat cheese filled omelet? that's right, stack em high.. and leave off your potatoes.. dont need all those! what the hell is up with my favorite soup.. you guys never make it anymore.. the smoked tomato? its like some soup god blessed the corner where the Cricket is! go get it! go get the granola and fruit too -its so fresh and the best combo we have ever tasted.. thats me and my honeybunny LargeBoy.. yea! --he eats yogurt and they bring him a huge bowl of cold wa-wa.. yes, they allow dogs outside too!

coffeeGirl said...

Well then...