Monday, November 15, 2010

City State Diner Coffee

Ok this is going to be a short post but I had to get this one on here. I had never heard of this place. I'm surprised how many places I just come across on accident, that end up being new favorites. My husband and I walked by City State when we were looking for the restaurant I had just bought a Groupon to, but had never been to. I was hoping this was the restaurant, it wasn't, but I made a mental note that they served breakfast. We came back the next day, which was Sunday.

I loved the little place upon walking in the door. We were seated immediately, I love that. It is definitely a favorite to many others besides myself, as it stayed busy the whole time we were there, but there didn't ever seem to be be people waiting. Although we were seated in the back so maybe I just missed the line. I actually didn't have any coffee here believe it or not. I didn't recognize the name of their coffee vendor, hopefully that meant it was local. My sister had a mocha and loved it, and she is a hard to please mocha drinker. My husband and I split the hazelnut french toast breakfast, four slices of challah bread, two eggs and a choice of meat. Those of you who have read this blog for any amount of time know that is my perfect breakfast, and is very hard to find, another reason they are a new favorite!

They serve breakfast all day, everyday and they open at 8AM. This is a great place for you solo breakfasters that just want to read your paper and not be bothered with conversation that early in the morning. City State is located on a quaint street, just off of burnside with a few cute little shops nearby. If you end up getting something savory for breakfast, save room for a scrumptious fresh donut just down the street at Staccato Gelato. Yum!

128 NE 28th
Portland, OR 97232
Neighborhood: Northeast Portland

Brasserie Montmartre

What a great place! My sister and I were walking by the Brasserie on one of Portland's beautiful sunny Autumn days. I noticed in their window, that they had a brunch menu and decided I had to come check them out. The day we went was an equally lovely day. It is wise to note that they don't serve brunch until 11am Mon-Sat and 10am Sundays.
It is a bit dark inside, to set the mood. So if you're the type that needs a bright cheerful place in the morning, this place would probably send you back to bed. There was hardly anybody here when we came, which I can only guess is because they haven't been open very long. They have just reopened since renovating after the building was condemned a few years ago. They've done a great job renovating. The interior is very French modern/eclectic with a little mysteriousness.
We enjoyed our breakfast with a little live piano music, always nice. Our waiter was very attentive and conversational, I like that. Their menu is not extensive, but it has a little of everything you're used to on a breakfast menu, even a little lox with your bagel if you're so inclined. Their portions are neither huge nor small. I could have easily shared a breakfast with my sister but ate a whole breakfast myself. They serve Illy coffee, which is good coffee, but I always wonder why people don't buy coffee local when there are such great roasters right here in Portland? That's fresh coffee! Oh well, at least it tasted good. There is plenty of seating here for big groups, which is hard to find at most breakfast places, that are worth going to, that is...
When I asked our waiter if he could tell me where they buy most of their food, he was very interested in getting me the information. I thought that was a great sign. He didn't have a ton of information, but he told me what he knew. It showed that they are making an effort. If you end up coming here be sure to ask them the story of the brick wall, it's interesting.

626 SW Park Avenue • Portland, Or 97205 • 503 . 236 . 3036