Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mississippi Station (No longer serving breakfast)

Why wait in the rain?
Have you stood in line waiting to get into Gravy on Mississippi? Well if so, chances are you were waiting outside, freezing and getting wet. Well next time just take a little walk down the street to Mississippi Station. Now if it's Mon-Fri it's true they don't open until 10AM but on the weekends, which is usually when the wait is, they open at 8AM and there has never been a wait when I've been there. Personally I think their food is better than Gravy. I admit, they don't serve Stumptown. They used to serve Blue Gardenia (which was very good) but they switched to Tully's. It's pretty good, I'm not a big fan of Tully's, but enough about the coffee.

I had my regular scramble with sausage which was yummy (though the eggs were a little undercooked). The berry pancakes looked wonderful. The prices are a little higher than Gravy, but when you don't have to wait
and you're not sitting on the
person next to you, it's worth it.

They have patio seating as well, which would be great on a summer morning. They also have dinner with live music on certain evenings. Snag a friend and go check it out.

3943 N. Mississippi, Portland

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Call your mother...

"Call your Mother is the motto here, it is printed on the back of all their coffee mugs. So call your Mother and take her out for breakfast!

Ok, this is another favorite. This is where my husband and I went for breakfast the morning he took me to the Rose Gardens and asked me to marry him, ahhhh. I started my breakfast hobby when we were dating. That is what we did, we went on breakfast dates. I prefer morning dates to evening ones. You're not as likely to say or do something you'll regret.
On that note, let's start with the coffee. If you order the French press they serve Stumptown, if you just order the house coffee they serve Portland Roasters. Interesting I know. My take, Stumptown is a little more expensive so if you're willing to pay a little more for the French press, they're willing to give you the good stuff. If you just want to pay for a cup of coffee that they'll refill over and over...and over (in my case). They'll give you the good, not so expensive stuff. Thankfully I was with friends who bought the French press for me, knowing that I am a Stumptown snob. They know I'm cheap and I would've settled. Thanks Lattin's.

The food here is great. A little on the pricier side but worth it for the ambiance ($7-11). The frittata's are a little on the dry side, but still tasty. I love the scramble with prosciutto, sun dried tomatoes and feta.

Indulge yourself and enjoy a latte with the Stumptown signature swirl. Mmmm!

The oatmeal was enough to feed four people, and whatever you do, taste it before you add any brown sugar, it's already sweet.

You'll definitely want to show up early. They open at 9AM and the tables are usually filled the minute they open the doors. They do take reservations for parties of 6 or more I think, if you're early enough to snag one. This is a great place for bigger parties. Enjoy!
212 SW Stark St. Portland