Saturday, October 29, 2011

Zeus Cafe

I have always been intrigued by this triangular building in downtown Portland. I always thought it would be so great if someone came in and spruced it up. McMenamins came to the rescue, once again. Thankfully they added breakfast to their menu this time. There was no wait the morning we went, which I believe was on a Saturday. I have only been once so far and they were fairly new so it may be busier these days.
I loved the presentation of their food and it tasted equally as good. They try to use local ingredients whenever possible and they practically have a little salad garden growing in the open kitchen. They bake their own bread and their pastries are from the Crystal bakery. They serve their own McMenamins roasted coffee.

If you enjoy people watching, you will really enjoy it here. There is always something interesting happening outside on the streets of Portland and they have plenty of big open windows to give you the perfect view.

303 S.W. 12th Ave.
Enter on Stark St.
Portland, OR 97205
Zeus Café: (503) 384-2500
McMenamins - Zeus Cafe at Crystal Hotel

Friday, October 28, 2011

Grain and Gristle

I found another place I know I can go anytime and there won't be a line. But that is no indication of the quality of the food here, they just haven't been discovered by the masses yet. My husband and I ordered the daily hash which on this particular day included braised pork, yumm! This is the first hash I've ordered in a long time and I'm glad I did, the pork literally melted in my mouth. I'm going to be disappointed if I can't order the same thing next time I go.
I loved the ambiance of this place. It is very rustic yet has an eclectic flare. Our server was polite, not overly nice but not rude by any means. Their menu is short and simple and changes occasionally based what they feel like cooking, or that's how I interpreted it. They serve Extracto Coffee, which is a local roaster actually located right next door to them. That's about as local as you get!
The music was a little loud the time we were here, but I'm not sure if that is a regular occurrence or if the staff was just needing some "pick me up" this particular morning. I could have been extra sensitive too, that happens. I tend to prefer a little tranquility while I'm savoring my food. But I digress...

I have not been here for lunch or dinner but their menu looks scrumptious. They also have an extensive local beer menu if that suits you. They enjoy pairing their food with the perfect drink to make your experience complete.
Grain & Gristle on Urbanspoon

Grain & Gristle

(503) 298-5007

1473 NE Prescott St Map

Portland, OR 97211