Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Montage Madness

Update 7/09: I noticed that Montage is now serving breakfast. I will try to get there soon to try it out and post it here for you. Has anyone gone for breakfast yet?
Ok, so it's not breakfast but you need to check this place out. I went here for my birthday and it was such a blast. Let me just say, they're known for their macaroni, and they have great macaroni
. I had the pesto and chicken, which was excellent but I tried their smoked cheddar and ham macaroni, yum "o" I'll be getting that next time. Their food is very reasonably priced. The fun part is they have really long tables and they just seat everyone together. So you may end up sitting with people you don't know. It's a great place to go with a group!
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girlfriday said...

Ooh, cool. Give us more, give us more!

Bec said...

Hi Joy-

Have you ever tried the Original Pancake House on Barbur close to where your old apartment used to be? I think we went there once as a family when we went to church at Greater Portland Bible Church. I remember the "experience" being fun. The reviews of the place are so so. Some of the seating is similar to Montage-the community tables. By the way, I remember the Montage. Under the freeway, right? They wrap up your leftovers in foil to look like some kind of sculpture, right? Great food!

coffeeGirl said...

Yes, I have been to the Pancake House. The problem is they are on the top 10 list of breakfast places so that's where everyone goes. I like to find the little places only the "locals" know about. =) Thanks for commenting!

Tom Novak said...

I had breakfast here pretty recently. SUCCESS! They give you a little cornbread with honey to start out. Didn't note which coffee they serve but it was tasty (probably Stumptown). I had an omelette that was excellent! Definitely a good place to go if you don't want to see the morning sunshine (as per usual they keep it dark) or can't because of a hangover. ;)

coffeeGirl said...

Thanks for the post Tom. I still haven't been here for breakfast. I just don't think of the Montage when I want to go to breakfast. One of these days I'll get over there. I think most people like bright places in the morning, the darkness is a little depressing first thing in the morning. I'm glad you enjoyed it.