Friday, November 30, 2007

Like an English Pub

1538 NE Alberta Portland OR 97211

Helser's is another one of my favorites. They serve Kobo's coffee (I know), it's very good though. They also offer the option of having your coffee with a French press, which you should try if you never have, mmmmm.
The food is excellent. I normally get my usual, eggs, chicken apple sausage and potatoes (now you know my staple). I have tried their french toast, it's wonderful as well as their potato pancakes and eggs benedict, yum!
This is a great little place to meet your friends or bring your kids, they have cute little cups for the munchkins. You will be waiting outside if you come after 9, so come prepared, but generally there isn't that long of a wait even if you sleep in a little. Prices are average to high. It's not a great place for big groups as there is limited seating. Helsers is at

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Anonymous said...

Great little place to go. Been there several times and have never been disappointed. Seem to really know what they are doing and offer unique breakfast plates as well as the staples.