Friday, November 30, 2007

Fancy Breakfast

830 N Shaver St. Portland OR. 97227
Once again Stumptown Coffee is what brought me to Equinox, so I needn't comment any more on the coffee. I do love the tall white mugs with the black straw; very classy...
The food here is very good, and very nicely presented, if you don't mind your food all touching. The prices are on the medium to high side but the ambiance makes it worth it. Unless you're sitting by someone with a particularly loud voice and less than desireable vocabulary which happened to be the case for me, but my second visit was much more enjoyable. Equinox also serves lunch and dinner with outside seating as well. Equinox is right off Mississippi Ave. in NE Portland which is a great area to walk around and visit the very diverse shops. Have fun!
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