Friday, November 30, 2007

Live Accordion Entertainment

3957 N Mississippi Ave. Portland OR. 97227
Stumptown... on to other things.
Gravy is very quaint and lively. We came here on a rainy day and luckily were able to fit inside to wait for a seat; but plan on waiting outside if you come after 9AM. They don't make you wait for your coffee though, so go on inside and fill up if you can get past the people to the coffee. We had a live accordionist to add to our eating enjoyment. I don't know if the live music is a regular part of the service here as I've only been once. The food is very good, just your regular breakfast nook menu. Prices are average to high. They seem to squish everyone in so if you like your space you might want to go down the street to The Mississippi Station (Blue Garndenia coffee), they have great pancakes or across the way to Equinox (Stumptown coffee). Gravy is at
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