Friday, November 30, 2007

Missing a hub cap, want to donate one...

Beaterville Cafe is very eclectic. It's like walking back into the 50's. If you enjoy vintage cars you'll feel at home here. Beaterville serves Portland Roasters coffee, if you have to wait grab a mug of your choice and serve yourself then go next door and check out the glorified garage sale.
Food here is good. Very reasonably priced. They aren't overly nice here, it's more of a "you eat here because we let you" type place, but I've had mostly pleasant service.

2201 N Killingsworth St Portland OR 97217
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melissa said...

i like your entries. i am a portland native who loves breakfast. thank you for reminding me of options i forgot about! check out utopia on belmont.

Anonymous said...

Hey, did your blog idea die out? I love it! I'm working on a book about breakfast places, and I've been going through your posts looking for tips and impressions. (You are a lot less wordy than I am.) In fact, the whole book idea was born at Beaterville!

Anyway, get back on it, or contact me and we can combine forces.