Monday, February 23, 2009

Gower St. Bistro

Update 7/4/09: A kind reader informed me that Gower St. bistro is closed... but they they have a sister restaurant in Portland,

My husband and I spent our 5 year anniversary at this Bed and Breakfast at Cannon Beach. The restaurant is separate from the hotel so anyone can eat there. It is walking distance from the beach. Such a cute place. Very small, just perfect for a morning breakfast with your special someone before you go for a stroll on the beach.

The food was delicious. The server was very nice and social. It's one of those cafe's where you feel like you're in a romantic movie just eating there. Does anyone ever feel that way or is it just me...
The prices are moderate to high but it's worth it. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. The dinner smelled yummy and all the people looked so content and sophisticated with their wine glasses and big plates of pasta, as we walked to an overly priced seafood restaurant and sat next to a large party with overindulged, loud children and wished we had just eaten at our cute little B&B. We will definitely try it next time.

I would also recommend the hotel. They are very friendly and the rooms are small but romantic. It's almost like going back in time but with a modern flare. Very fun little place.

Please let me know if you visit, I would love to hear what you think. Let them know who sent you. :)


Molly Loves Paris said...

I love your blog idea, but I'm so surprised that you don't have on your list "the Original Pancake House" on Barbour Blvd. Maybe you haven't tried it because the name seems so trite. It really is the "Original" one. I've been eating there since 1954 (that's a really long time ago), and nothing has changed - well they have removed a few things from the menu that I loved, like clam pancakes and Spanish Omlette. But anyway, the items to have are the "apple pancake", "the continental crepes" (originally called "Palestine Pancakes", and the "Dutch Baby". My family always shares everything.

I also noticed that you didn't have Zells, but I'm okay with that. It's good, but not great, though I love the German Pancake with rhubarb sauce. And you don't have "Fat City", in Multnomah Village. That one's worth trying out.

coffeeGirl said...

Well the truth is I try to avoid the restaurants that make it on the "top ten" list for a city. I guess I figure everyone knows about them already.
The other reason is that I live in Vancouver and I don't make it to that side of town very often. I used to live close to Multnomah Village and have been to Fat City, but before I started this blog. I will have to make a trip back some time. I'll have to look up Zell's. Thanks for the feedback!

Erinn from Seattle said...

I found your blog when visiting Portland on Wednesday for the Sounders-Timbers game, because I too LOVE breakfast & coffee & was searching for a good place to go on Thursday morning. I was so excited to read through your reviews! When I saw you posted about the Gower St. Bistro I was even more excited, since this has been one of our favorite restaurants, for breakfast & dinner, for years. But I had to let you know that unfortunately it has closed...

I continued to search your blog to find a place we could walk to from our hotel near PGE Stadium but I couldn't seem to find anything nearby. We ended up checking with the hotel concierge who recommended a place nearby called the Everett Street Bistro. Lo & behold, what we found was the "sister" restaurant to Gower St. Bistro located in Portland! Very similar d├ęcor, menu, and owned by the same person. And, as an added bonus, they serve Stumptown Coffee, too, which I definitely enjoyed (hadn’t tried before). Our faves on the menu are the french toast and the ham scramble, but everything looks great. We only wish there was a location in Seattle so we could enjoy the food more often.

Just had to pass that on, too… thought it might be a place you’d like to try.

coffeeGirl said...

Oh bummer, I was looking forward to going back to Cannon Beach just to go eat there. Well I guess I should be happy that it is closer to home now. I will definitely go try it out and post it as soon as possible. Thanks for the update and I'm glad you like the blog.