Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cadillac Cafe

I have been putting off visiting Cadillac Cafe for some time now.  Inevitably when I tell people that I have a breakfast blog, I get asked the question, "have you tried Cadillac Cafe?"  I think, just the fact that so many people know about the place, makes it less appealing.  I did finally end up going and it wasn't so bad.  It does sort of strike me as a bit "chain-ish" though.

I only went because my friend Stephanie started working there.   I told her I was going to put her on my blog, so if you go, sit at the bar and tell Stephanie hi for me.

The food was very good.  The coffee is Kobos.  It is one my husbands favorite breakfast places now.  It's in his top five places.  We had the french toast with hazelnuts.  
It is a very busy restaurant, another reason I've avoided it, so if you're not big on waiting, I'd try to hit it early.  They do have a bar section that is easier to get a seat in.  Honestly, I wouldn't even try to get a big party in here, unless you get reservations and I don't know if they take them.  Prices are moderate to high.  Cadillac Cafe is a fancier type, so you might feel a little out of place in your sweats, if you care.
1801 NE Broadway
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 287-4750

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jaibone said...

The Cadillac always has great specials. Yesterday is was coconut and lemon custard on perfectly grilled french toast topped with blueberries and served with a side of scrambled eggs loaded with mushrooms and crispy bacon lardons. It was amazing. We eat there often and are never disappointed.