Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kenny & Zukes (Downtown)

I loved the look of this restaurant when I passed by. It just seemed like the type of place you'd see in a movie where you see the bustling downtown scene and then the camera pans in on two people sitting at a table by the window talking and eating like they're the only two people in the world. I always want to be one of those people so I had to try it out. Luckily my acupuncturist is close by so I took the opportunity to get there very early for my appointment and stop in for some breakfast. We were ushered in, upon arriving and promptly seated. There were no window seats available, unfortunately, but we had a nice quiet table. Maybe it would've ruined the thought of it by realizing no one was filming me and nobody cared that I was sitting there. I suppose the good thing is that it was reality in my life and in the movies they are only acting and maybe they go home wishing that was actually their real lives.
But I digress, quite substantially actually. It was a week day when we went, but the place is very spacious with plenty of tables so I can't imagine there being too long of a wait on weekends.

I ordered my usual, eggs potatoes and toast, so boring I know. I usually get some meat too. I must have been feeling cheap this day and at a place that specializes in salamis and pastramis, I don't know what I was thinking. I enjoyed what I ordered and felt their portions were what a normal person should eat. Their prices start around $8 and up.

This is a Jewish deli so they have some fun choices that you aren't going to see on the average breakfast menu like pastrami and eggs, lox and latkes. They also make their own bagels and bialys. The coffee was great, I think it was Stumptown but I can't remember (slacker). I think they could definitely handle larger groups here but it is also a great place for a date. Their lunches and dinners look scrumptious. If you're an unabashed carnivore like me, this place will make your mouth water.

Kenny & Zuke's Delicatessen
1038 SW Stark St
Portland, OR 97205
503.222.DELI (3354)

Kenny & Zuke's SandwichWorks
2376 NW Thurman
Portland, OR 97210


Extramsg said...

Thanks for coming in. Glad you enjoyed your food. Hopefully you'll come in again some time and try the pastrami or a bagel, which is where we truly excel. Heck, maybe the pastrami will make you feel so good you won't need to go to the acupuncturist. ;-)

Nick Zukin
Kenny & Zuke's

PS: Yes, we use Stumptown's hairbender.

mundo idiot said...

yummy food