Friday, May 01, 2009

Joe Bar (Seattle)

I came upon this unique coffee house by the suggestion of someone from the area.  I was informed that this is one of Bill Gates' favorite places to visit.  I have no way of validating that but there is a newspaper article cut out and framed proudly at the counter with a picture of Bill sitting at one of their tables.  
You will drive by it if you don't know it is there, as it is located a little off the beaten path.  I admit it is more of a lunch place than breakfast though if you are happy with a pastry and coffee in the morning, it'll be perfect.  This blog is about good coffee mostly so I have to give a shout out to a coffee shop here and there.  They serve crepes, paninis, soup, salad and a few different antipasta plates.  They also are not only a coffee bar but have a beer and wine menu as well.  This is the perfect place for a fun little date for breakfast, lunch or a light dinner.  If you are date-less, grab your laptop and go sip some espresso or your favorite wine and enjoy a few hours by yourself with their free wi-fi.   Have fun! 

Joe Bar Cafe
810 E. Roy
Seattle, WA 98102


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Torii said...

YOU HAVE GOT TO GO TO PORTAGE BAY RESTAURANT IN SEATTLE! I went to college in Seattle and love this restaurant. It has a pancake bar. Organic menu. VERY BUSY, but totally worth the food. Their saying is "eat like you give a damn". There are two total restaurants. They had to open a second one because it was such a loved place. One is near mercer and REI. The other one, the original one, is in the University District off Roosevelt. GO!