Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hash Restaurant

I have been informed that Hash is now closed :(
Oh yum! This place is awesome. Hash fit all my criteria for a good breakfast experience. The ambiance upon walking in is very neighborhood cafe, warm and friendly feeling. They focus on getting their food as local and sustainable as possible. Their food is super tasty and they get their coffee from a great local roaster, Courier Coffee (same one featured in my Little Red Bike post). I love when I try new places and they suddenly become my new favorite!
Hash's prices are average to high but if you're trying to be frugal you can get a great breakfast at a great price by just ordering a la carte. The potatoes are so good, I didn't bother with portion control, I couldn't help myself. The Canadian bacon was amazing, I can never eat store bought again, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I love knowing that they buy their food from local farms. I can eat and enjoy my food without wondering what this animal was fed and how it was treated.
I do have to say, my coffee was a little strong, which if you knew how I drink my coffee (with cream and sugar), "Mary coffee", as my father in law calls it, you might ask how I can even tell? I can tell when I have to keep adding cream. I've had Courier coffee before though and loved it, so I think it was probably just the type of bean and roast that wasn't my favorite. My friend ordered the hot chocolate which was made with hemp, coconut milk and agave syrup, interesting... not really my thing, but I love that they use unique pairings. Also, the jam is definitely homemade, but I'm pretty sure with no sugar, which is good, fruit has it's own natural sugar, but just be warned that it won't be as sweet as the sugar laden stuff you're used to.

We did not have to wait for a table and we arrived at 9am on a Saturday morning, but it was definitely hopping. The staff was very friendly and attentive as well as informative. Hash serves breakfast and lunch all day, 8am to 3pm, Tuesday-Sunday. They are closed Mondays.

It is a bit small, so I wouldn't bring too big of a group here, though they might be able to move some tables together to accommodate.

Please do try them out, and would you mind letting them know you read about them here at PortlandBreakfast, I'd be much obliged.

Open 8am to 3pm, Tuesday–Sunday
(Closed Mondays)

8728 SE 17th Avenue
Portland, OR 97202


mollyb said...

Love the picture! Can't wait to try it. I love the name :)

coffeeGirl said...
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coffeeGirl said...

Thanks Molly!

girlfriday said...

The problem with these posts is they produce a number of the seven deadly sins in me. Among them greed, envy and hunger.

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