Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Francis Restaurant

My husband and I found this quiet corner breakfast nook quite on accident.  We were heading to our default breakfast fave, Helsers, and decided to drive down the road a bit because he thought he had remembered seeing a sign that said serving breakfast.  Sure enough, a new place to try out!  Of course I was delighted, I love to find new places to add to my blog for all of you fellow breakfast lovers.  Unfortunately the excitement is usually distracted by the time I get home and it ends up at the bottom of my "computer to do" list.

Francis' is a great place to go if you are looking for a little more class in your breakfast experience.  Sometimes you roll out of bed and you just want to go someplace where you could practically wear your pajamas and nobody would really notice (i.e.Tin Shed, Gravy etc.) But sometimes, like on a date or to celebrate a birthday or what have you, you want to dress up and this is where you should go.  
Our server at Francis' was very cheery and pleasant.  Their menu  boasts of unique ingredients you wouldn't expect on your breakfast plate, such as sautéed grape leaves with garlic and kalamata olives, garnishing a goat cheese omelet with pear tomatoes.  They do not serve potatoes with their breakfasts as is the usual fare but a side of fruit instead.  They do offer potato dishes on the menu and I'm sure you could probably substitute instead of fruit if you wanted.  I prefer potatoes, but it was a fresh change.  
There is something here for everyone whether you just like your eggs and toast or you like to try new creations and unique food pairings or whether you are a more vegetarian/vegan breakfaster.  Most importantly they serve Stumptown coffee, though our waitress said they are thinking of switching to another vendor, who isn't even local!  Why in the world, when we have some of the best coffee right here in our back yard?  So if you eat here, urge them to stay local!
Francis is open for breakfast and lunch.  Their lunch menu looks scrumptious.  Take a look for yourself at www.francisrestaurant.com
This is probably not the place for a very large party.  They may be able to accommodate but I would definitely call ahead.  If you do end up trying them out don't forget to tell them you found them at portlandbreakfast.blogspot.com.
2338 NE Alberta St. 
Portland, Oregon 97212



Leah Kleeberger said...

Sounds interesting. You haven't added Jam on Hawthorne to your list of fave's!

caroline said...

Thank you for your descriptions! My husband and i are going to try this place out on sunday for our anniversary. We'll let you know how it is!

Anonymous said...